Our Mission.
To empower the creative license of Artists—not just "license art."

Our Name.
The name “Drywall" comes from the navigating concept of providing artists with a sturdy, foundational layer of support— from which they can present their creative expressions. Like drywall that is oft-used in the art world as a foundational layer for exhibition and presentation, Drywall Studio is too the same: allowing artists to be the marquee attraction and star. We are merely the the supportive layer. The Drywall Design Store is the digital commerce layer of our operation, our Artist marketplace.

Artists Are Brands.
Whereas most "Artist x Brand" collaborations are a direct licensing and transactional play between an independent creative and a large corporate monolith, we work hand-in-hand with artists to develop branded products and experiences, without sacrificing their intellectual property and creative freedom. We shepherd their thoughts, but also do what they want to do. Artists are the anomaly.

Co-Creation with a Curatorial Eye—and Goal.
We work with artists, institutions, and estates to co-create and develop commercial products—with the imperative of engaging an ideal, and intended, consumer and/or collector.


To Create Revenue For Their Studio Practice.
Artists can realize financial gains while simultaneously building increased visibility through the creation of apparel, accessories and objects.

To Democratize, and Make Art More Accessible.
Merchandise is perhaps the ultimate, and democratized, open edition. Instead of works that are limited to one, in partnership with Drywall, Artists can create merchandise and accessories for purchase by a general consumer.

To Reach Greater Market Visibility.
Merchandise—as is the case with editions—creates lower-friction sales velocity, as it also does visibility and traction: on social media, within traditional media, in concurrent charitable circles, and everywhere the traditional art world perhaps does not venture. Our goal is to be a needed companion piece for artists, institutions, and collectors alike; we empower artists to add dimension to their studio offerings.

To Enable and Supercharge Alignments with Causes.
With us as their partner, artists can do small or large quantity runs of objects and apparel to benefit charities of their choice—while not sacrificing their overall creative goals. We are here to mechanize their cultural intent and passions.


Drywall Studio is a new Artist-first venture co-developed by Sky Gellatly, CEO of the creative agency and artist management firm ICNCLST/, and Nick Tershay, founder and owner of Diamond Supply Company. The company’s goal is to provide artists with a one-stop-partner in the design, creation, distribution, and web commerce of apparel, accessories and objects.

The company’s co-founders include Gellatly and Tershay, as well as Paul Mittleman, the artist FUTURA2000, and Shafik Kadi.

In 2019, the company collaborated on a pop-up café and design store in partnership with Alchemist in Miami’s design district—which yielded an apparel and accessories offering from Futura Laboratories, as well as a limited-edition chair with Modernica.

We are incredibly-proud and humbled to launch Drywall’s web commerce business with Hank Willis Thomas; we’ve been working with Hank and his team since 2019 on this e-commerce launch moment. Hank is one of the most-powerful artists of our generation, and we are dedicated to empowering his vision—while simultaneously driving increased awareness and discovery for everything that the stands for.