Love Over Rules Enamel Pin

Love Over Rules Enamel Pin

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100% Metal


Referential Artwork

Photograph by Mariah Tiffany, Courtesy of Sites Unseen
LOVE OVER RULES, 2017, neon, 6’ x 6’
Permanent public installation
Yerba Buena: 165 Jessie Street

Design first presented here:
Sites Unseen, Yerba Buena, 2017

Artist Statement
The piece is an homage to the artist's cousin, Songha Willis, who was murdered in Philadelphia in 2000. The words represent the last message Willis left his cousin before his death.
"A month after he died, I found a recording of the incident, and his last words were 'love over rules.' When I received the opportunity to create a public art installation, I thought about him and how his last words could inspire people everyday, reminding them to be generous…Love is a verb of action. Its meaning goes beyond the romantic idea of it. Love is an invitation to people to stand up and be generous every day of their lives. It is not an action of receiving, but rather an action of giving. My question is what you do to give love? How love is breaking the rules you have in your life?” —Hank Willis Thomas